Waiting for the Gift of Sound and Vision

When I read a piece of my written work, I listen to the way it sounds. Okay, I’m not writing poetry or the lyrics to a song, but that doesn’t matter. Regardless, my writing has to┬áhave a flow, a rhythm, and a pleasing sound, in order for me to be satisfied with it. Just likeContinue reading “Waiting for the Gift of Sound and Vision”

Interesting Terminology You’ll (Probably) Never Need to Use

Just to prove I learnt a thing or two at university, here is some interesting terminology that stuck with me since my days as a student! You can use these terms to impress others; and who knows, they may prove handy at some point or another! Onomatopoeia This means that it sounds exactly as itContinue reading “Interesting Terminology You’ll (Probably) Never Need to Use”

5 Common Spelling & Grammar Mistakes to Avoid to Improve your Writing

  I admit some of these still confuse me even though I’m a seasoned writer (nobody’s perfect:)), so don’t be afraid to refer back to this list during your writing to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Fewer than and Less than Less is used for hypothetical quantities. E.g. “There are fewer than 30 children in myContinue reading “5 Common Spelling & Grammar Mistakes to Avoid to Improve your Writing”

How to Become a Successful Content Writer

Writing is a dream job; well one that I always dreamed of as a young child anyway. It has always been my dream to create content, and although my ultimate mission is to write books (I’m still working on that), I have been fortunate enough to pursue my dreams as a content writer for theContinue reading “How to Become a Successful Content Writer”