Here you will find information about some of my current projects:

EWM.: This is a digital marketing and communications agency based in Geneva, Switzerland. I am responsible for all content featured across the entire website including all blog articles, site pages and any other content required. I also create content for all clients of the firm (as per request).

Brand Consultancy Firm: I create website copy, articles and social media posts for this international brand consultancy’s clientele.

AP Group Global: Here I proofread, edit and write regular web pages, articles and reports for this global recruitment consultancy.

CareerAddict: For this employment website I create regular blog posts about recruitment, hiring trends, HR and finance.

Chesterfield Contracting Services: I write website pages for this international payroll and contracting company, according to their needs.

Group Chesterfield: For this offshore, contracting and property company, I write articles about their contractor services for their jurisdictions pages.

K. Treppides & Co Ltd: This is a leading practice offering a wide range of audit, tax, accounting, legal, consulting and financial advisory services. Here, I write articles for the company in addition to proofreading various documentation.

Sigrid Partners: This is a project I am currently working on for a data protection consultancy firm situated in Geneva, Switzerland. I have written the entire website and will also continue to create content for the news section of this site.

Wealth Management Advisory Firm: Research, write and edit Press Releases for the company.

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