Building Your Business: A Guide to Hiring Freelancers for Marketing

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Guest post written by Poppy Williams of TechBizGuide.

As a business owner, you know marketing takes time and money. Without a marketing plan, potential customers will not know to buy your products or services. Even with a marketing plan in place, entrepreneurs need to understand how to execute it effectively.

While some businesses can afford to hire an entire marketing team, most smaller companies do not have the funds or need to pay full-time employees to handle marketing. Startups, small businesses, and other companies may benefit from outsourcing help with marketing and sales.

Stressing Less With Freelance Workers

In the U.S., the number of freelance workers continues to rise. Freelancers work for themselves. They have the flexibility to take on the gigs they want and to set their schedule. Even for businesses that have a marketing team, freelancers can help take the stress off the team.

When providing a service to your company, freelancers tend to be more affordable and adaptable. Outsourced workers in marketing are typically accustomed to working with different clients and companies and can adapt quickly to a new business’ energy and needs.

In the case of marketing, when you look for freelancers, check out their experience. Testimonials and portfolios can let you research their past work. 

Benefiting From All Types of Marketing

According to the experts, marketing determines the consumer’s needs and works to create a demand. To market successfully, you need to understand how to create desirability for your product or services. When you create a marketing plan for your business, consider the different types of marketing options and look for freelancers specializing in what you need most:

  • Inbound marketing: Attracting customers through engagement and attraction
  • Digital marketing: Using technology and the internet to your advantage
  • Outbound marketing: Finding customers through cold calling, print ads, and other direct promotion tactics
  • Traditional marketing: Using offline marketing methods, such as billboards, radio ads, and flyers

Content writing is critical in the world of online marketing. Utilizing social media, blogs, and newsletters gives you unlimited access to clients. For marketing purposes, written content needs to be well-written, valuable, and representative of your brand. Hiring freelancers can provide you with a faster turnaround time, and you can freelancers on a case-by-case basis for what you need.

Building Your Business With Outsourced Workers and Services

When building your business, you have a lot of responsibilities. Handling all of your marketing when you are not an expert can be overwhelming. Along with freelance help, there are off-the-shelf services to save you money and time when you build your company. Look for customised marketing options, or some freelancers have content or analytics they can provide without customization. You can hire people with skills ranging from digital analytics and SEO content to graphic design work to help with marketing.

By hiring freelancers, you can focus on other business matters, such as your business structure. Many businesses benefit from a limited liability company. When you form an LLC, you get more flexibility, tax advantages, and limited liability. If you do not want to face lawyer fees, you may want to hire a service to handle your formation papers and more.

Hiring marketing freelancers can benefit a company and help you grow your business from the ground up. By outsourcing, you can receive high-quality work without the overhead costs of hiring full-time employees.

Image via Pexels

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