Home Tidiness Habits to Help You Beat Clutter

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A neat and tidy home isn’t just a nice place to have friends visit; it’s a healthy home, too. Men’s Health notes that the link between clutter and stress is something researchers are increasingly talking about. If your counters are overflowing and your home looks shabby, it could be having an adverse impact on your mental health.

Virginia Cooper of Learnaliving.co shares a few tips on how to tidy up.

1. Be Ruthless About Decluttering

If there’s one thing to learn from tidiness idols such as Marie Kondo, it’s that stuff isn’t actually that important. What really brings joy to your life is what you do with it. So take some time to declutter. Learn to let go of things you don’t use and that just sit there forgotten. When you have less stuff in your house, you’ll have more room to literally, and figuratively, breathe.

2. Hired Help Can Be Worth the Money

Think about how much of your free time you spend cleaning, gardening, and doing other chores. What could you do with that time instead if jobs around the house were done for you? The improvement in quality of life resulting from hiring a cleaner, gardener, and even someone to do the ironing could be worthwhile. What price do you put on your time?

3. Invest in Storage

After decluttering, you’ll most likely still have things you want to keep. Invest in some creative storage solutions, such as futons, door-hanging storage pockets, or boxes that can be stashed under your bed. Put anything that needs to be looked after in those boxes so it’ll still be in good condition when you’re ready to pull it out again.

4. Refresh Your Existing Furniture

If you want to revamp your home but you’re on a tight budget, consider refreshing your existing furniture. A treasured couch or chair can be given a new lease on life if you hire a furniture upholstery service to recover it. Chairs can be revived for as little as €30 to €50 each, but you can expect to pay €1,000 to €3,000 to reupholster a large family couch. Exact fees depend on the size of the furniture and the type of fabric you want to use. Custom prints typically cost more than simple fabrics. Start by doing a search for ‘best upholstery near me’ or similar.

5. Lighting and Mirrors Can Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Even relatively clutter-free rooms can feel cramped if they’re small. Fortunately, as Bless’er House points out, there are lots of creative tricks you can use to make a small room look bigger. Many of these tricks revolve around the use of mirrors and lighting. If a room is brightly lit, it should feel less cramped. Mirrors create the illusion of more space and make the room feel brighter, and monochromatic colors are better than busy patterns in terms of making a space look more open and inviting.

Beating Clutter Is Worth the Effort

Having a clean and tidy home can increase your productivity and well-being, giving you a space you can feel relaxed in. Invest in storage and dedicate a weekend to decluttering, hire a cleaner, and consider reupholstering and redecorating to make your home look brighter and bigger.

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By Virginia Cooper of Learnaliving.co

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